I Shaved Half My Head!! Here’s why.

Did you know HALF of the world’s forests have been destroyed. doesn’t that just feel like a sucker punch filled with immense sadness or is it just me? 

I’ve been wanting to shave my head for awhile now, a few people who know me, know that I’ve fantasized about this idea for years without taking any action. Lately, I’ve been like, what’s my “why” though? Wondering how I could do something for a good cause or get someone to pay me! Lol. And just last week in a woman’s circle as I was sharing AGAIN about wanting to shave my head, someone shared with me that people were shaving their heads right now to raise awareness and money to save the Rainforests..whaaaa? I immediately googled when I got off the zoom and sure enough I found #halfcut. 

#HalfCut is a fundraising group with one aim – to save our planet from the Climate Crisis. Forests are one of our best bets so they save our forests & plant what’s been cut down. 

Every August #HalfCut raises awareness and funds to protect existing forests and replant trees by asking people to donate and shave or braid 1/2 their head. So I did it!

Currently through today, (I know! I’m so late to the party!) their major project is to Save LOT 155 Ranger Station Daintree Rainforest:

Size: 8.835 Ha

Cost: $220,875.00

Per square metre cost: $2.50

Once purchased this land will be given back to the traditional owners the Kuku Yalanji bama (people) to manage for long term.

I’ll also be donating my hairs to Locks of Love again, this will be my 2nd time in 3 years!

– xOx


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