It’s my Born Day & I Have a Gift For YOU!!

I woke up full of gratitude this morning. The hubs let me sleep in and made brunch 🙌🏼! As I laid in bed, I gave thanks for everything in my life from small things like the paint on my walls and the tree outside of my bedroom window to the big things like my relationships, my mental health & for the teeny tiny toes that peeked out of the covers beside me. I am truly blessed and grateful.

I’m very grateful for my online community! I started my instagram and blog in 2016 as an anonymous author where I could freely post about all of the things I was into…vaginas, cannabis, psychedelic medicine, crystals, crystals in my vagina, ya know holistic hippie living ish and I made all of my videos with snapchat filters..hence the name The Snappie Hippie. Who knew that I would find a community of like-minded people, many of you becoming real life friends. I‘ve been seen and heard in this space, I’m even using my name now while still posting openly about all of my hippie dippie living! AND best of all, I’m working with brands and organizations that I align with so deeply, thank you Earth Mama Organics, Pranamama.TV and RAINN.

This community has helped me step into my authentic voice more deeply, giving me more self confidence when I’m talking about taboo subjects like cannabis use, witchy rituals & extended breastfeeding with people who’ve always thought I was a bit “extra”. The ones who give me the side eye when I whip out my boob in line at the grocery store! It’s because I know that I’m not the only one, there’s a whole community of people just like me who don’t think I’m some California weirdo schmeirdo and I hope that through my sharing I’m helping to normalize life for others too!

As I begin to expand my developing business, (which is hella exciting, hella vulnerable & feels hella slow b/c babies & quarantine), I want to thank you. As my gift to you, I’m offering my ongoing workshop, Tools to Protect Your Peace, a practice I have been crafting for over 6 years!

So, here it is. I hope you will take some time (40 minutes!) to put yourself first and put self-care on your to do list, nurture that beautiful spirit of yours!

Thank you for seeing me, lifting me up & supporting me. In the spirit of transparency, I was hoping to release my website, my first products & my workshop today, my birthday, but is what it is. I’m over here working on it all with 2 kids on the teats. I will continue to roll it out little by little & maybe even share a little bit of that process.

Tools to Protect Your Peace is a bimonthly workshop. Each session includes breathing, movement, meditation & ends with a writing invitation. Released on the 1st and 15th every month via my website 

– xOx


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