How to Not Lose Your Self Care Practice this Holiday Season OR How to Start One!

Bending bamboo takes patience, intention and acceptance.

(This 1 minute video is of me in a guest room during the holidays post flow!)

Traveling and the holidays have a way of shifting us out of our routine and comfort zone and since sooooo many people are about to travel (+ be inundated with a plethora of various conversations, both wanted and unwanted) I thought I could offer one of my most beloved tools for Self care, Glo, (formally known as Yogaglo). It’s a really convenient and ahhh-mazing app. You can use it to take 5 minutes to 60+ minutes JUST FOR YOU…or you can share it, tis the season. Seriously tho, you can tailor the time you have plus your various wants to get to the flow of your dreams! I have been able to stay consistent with my daily intention of yoga and meditation because of their app and I share it with errrreybody, so the publicity continues! 😊

Although I was made aware of and sporadically used the app since 2012, I made a conscious decision in January 2014 to commit myself to a practice of daily yoga and that commitment has stuck for 6 years this January thanks to the existence of Glo! Here are some of the reasons I love it:

  • It has almost 4k classes offering various yoga flows, guided meditations and pilates!
  • I can tailor my yoga flow to whatever my needs are for that particular moment in time! They legit have drop down windows for everything from duration (5 minutes to 120 minutes and everything in between). Body parts- wake up with a crick in my neck? Low back pinch? Tight hips? No problem! I can 100% pick which body part I want to focus. Style…they have 16 styles to choose from, from kundalini to yin to prenatal and postnatal. Choose from teachers, type of focus, level, prop, and then some. THE BEST PART, I can select from multiple drop down menus, press apply and it will bake all that ish together and show me all the 10 minute restorative shoulder-focused flows. I’m telling you this app is good!
  • I can pick programs that will have weekly classes slated for me if there’s something specific I’m working on like abs, energy or handstands!
  • The teachers are They are good and some of them come from different parts of the country and the world to teach on here. Many of the people teaching on Glo are teacher’s teachers, some I’ve seen on covers of yoga magazines. I know I am in the hands of people who really love their craft, know their ish and that makes me feel I’m in the care of masters.
  • I can literally take my yoga practice and flow anywhere via a smart tv, a computer, tablet or phone, whatever device that I happen to be at home or traveling with, it just has to be able to open the app or website. Yes, I can even do it offline as the app allows me to download up to 10 flows
  • It helps me wake up. I am a terrible morning person, it’s been a life long mission of mine to be a “natural” morning person and that will probably continue until the end of my time here. However, I half-open my eyes, sometimes brush my teeth and zombie walk straight to my mat every morning, usually wearing nothing more than my dras and a nursing bra most of the time, all the while planning on when I can take a nap later. It never fails, a few-ish or more minutes into moving my body, I awaken and then I meditate after it sets my tone for every day. I do believe starting my days like this has made me such a better human!
  • I don’t have to think. Another fave of mine. I took my first yoga class in 2004, I can craft a flow together everyday if I wanted to, but I don’t want to, especially in the AM! I want someone else to lead me mindlessly through poses, reminding me which parts of my body to lengthen, open, encouraging me and reminding me to breathe.
  • I have leveled up in my yoga skills through this app, but even if I had never taken a yoga class in my life before using this app, I could have learned and leveled up from beginner to more experienced classes that they offer.
  • They have a 15 day free trial period! That’s a no brainer!
  • It’s only $18 a month, that’s like 1 class in a studio and if I had to go to a studio (remember I’m not a morning person) I wouldn’t do yoga nearly as much. That’s no shade to yoga studios and the practitioners who work in them, I love human touch and I still love to go to an in person class when I can for real life adjustments and connection, for sure. I just like to do yoga whenever I want to as much as I want to and typically in my skimps with a toddler wondering around the house or my body! As a mom, I’d also need a babysitter to go to a studio and I’m budgeting this $18 okay?! I got finance goals over here, this Mama has a dream of Financial Freedom!
  • *IF* you live in Southern California or have any plans to visit, their studios are based in Santa Monica and you can take an in person class for $FREE.99! It’s so trippy to physically be in the space that I watch on a screen everyday!

My only con, which is so minuscule compared to all the pros, is sometimes they delete flows to make room for new classes and it sucks to look for the exact flow I want to do and it not exist on the site anymore…waaaaannhh!

I have used yoga and mediation through this app when going through one of the biggest crises of my life, see Healiversary. I’ve used it through hopeful Conscious Conception, pregnancy, postpartum and now parenting, they got classes for it all! I’ve used this app to get me through injuries of both the body and the heart, losses, wins and to quiet this loud a$$ mind of mine! Now it kind of sounds like I’m working for Glo and really pushing it, but the reality is, my life changed and I’ve benefited so much from my yoga practice because I’ve been able to have accessibility to it because of this this app that I just want to share it with everyone from family to friends and many a stranger because I believe everyone can benefit from yoga and meditation. Honestly tho, I really could be getting a kickback with as many people that I’ve shared this app with, you hear that Glo?!? 🙂

We can close with a quote from glo’s own site that basically sums up all of my gushing “YogaGlo is an online subscription service for yoga classes. You pay a monthly fee and have 24/7 unlimited access to classes from some of the industry’s most illustrious and beloved yoga teachers.” That’s what she said right?

– xOx


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