Sobadora Pt. 3 Wrapping the Hips Ceremony

The ground shakes // with every step I take // connecting me to Mother // toes rooted in Her // I blossom // never separated // karmically fated // She’s the Light // pouring from my lips // wrapping my hips // healing maternal fingertips // I am home. 

When I first went to see Marcia of Women’s True Healing in August 2016 I had no idea that this would be a Divine connection. During my initial intake, I shared with her my history of sexual trauma. Trauma I’ve carried in complete secrecy since I was too young to have had any sexual trauma, not that there’s an age limit when it’s ok, but no child should have to deal with sexual assault. Marcia told me that she offered a ceremony for survivors that she referred to as wrapping of the hips. Needless to say, I was back in her  healing center the following week.

I’m not going to share the details of my entire session, it was private and sacred. I cried, of course! What I will say is that Marcia is magical! Forreal though, she blends practical massage mastery with energetic reiki healing and spiritual shamanism. There are crystals, incense, oils, rebozos, music, chanting and calling in of the ancestors. It was one of the most Divine experiences I’ve ever had and I needed it. At this point in my recovery process, I had been in pretty intensive ongoing therapy since August 2015, but I still craved some kind of ritual that dealt with my physical and spiritual being in addition to all of the intellectual and emotional work that I had been doing with my ahhhmazing therapist! I would recommend (in fact I have!) Marcia’s services for any survivors looking for a similar healing, a healing from the inside. It is a healing for our womb from our womb, our temple, which is the creation of all civilization.

After my sesh, I took my vibrating yoni and my three fave yoni eggs (Jade, Rose Quartz and Obsidian- if you don’t know by now!) and spent the rest of the day at Venice Beach with the sound of the ocean bathing me and the sun baking my sweet skin while I meditated and wrote about all that I had lost and all that I had gained. Here I was and here I am.

– xOx

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