Sobadora Pt. 2: Self womb massage & hip wrapping


This is me // Now completely free.

This video almost didn’t make the cut, I’m 11 weeks postpartum and I went back and forth on if I’d post it. See, I’m a little vain and let’s face it, social media adds to the awful inferior feeling of “I should be in better shape by now”, the “snapback”. But I have a goal of finishing up my pre-conception series before the end of the year and some videos didn’t get made before the baby decided to come, so I recorded them today. I really wanted to share the self womb massage from beginning to end because when I don’t do it for a long time, I forget the details, so I thought it would be helpful to others as well. However, when I watched the playback and saw my typically taut belly lookin all jelly, the linea negra still present, my sunken belly button, and the darkened stretch marks that got re-stretched by baby numero dos (who was over 9lbs) and the pubes that haven’t been waxed nor trimmed in I don’t even know how long, I cringed. I thought about waiting a couple of months to film it again after I’ve had some more time to workout, the linea and stretch marks had faded a bit and those long hairs had been weed-wacked, but then I also thought, F that. This is me, right now, at this moment, 2 babies in the game, we’re all healthy, happy and I am getting my strength back on my yoga mat everyday. I want to love the skin I’m in at all times, at every age, at every milestone, because forreal, I want more babies, so I’m gonna need to get used to this rollercoaster of body shapes and be thankful that I have this body and I’m able to create the effin miracle of making and birthing healthy babies, okay?! That run-on sentence rant was kind of just for me. I also like to do shit that scares me and posting a picture or video where I’m looking like I just had a baby and not like I did all the sit-ups, scares me, I don’t like it…so I’m doing it. Sidenote: I loved my pregnant belly and wore it out all the time, pero, it’s empty now.

Anyhoo…here’s the nuts and bolts of the massage and hip wrapping below!

Self Womb Massage: 

  • Remember the #3, it is your friend
  • Clockwise- go 3 times around your belly in large circles
  • Clockwise- go 3 times around your belly button, smaller circles, obvi
  • Create a star around your belly button, 3x in each direction starting at the bottom 1/2 of your abdomen, going from outside in towards your belly button
  • Do 3 cycles of the above
  • Then press your thumb into your belly button until you can feel the pulse aka your abdominal aorta or what I like to think of it as, our phantom umbilical cord!
  • Lastly, take your fingertips and lightly run up your stomach, it feels ever so sweet and calming.

Wrappin dem hips boos:

  • Grab a long scarf, twist it in front of your lower abdomen over your womb as tight as you can and tuck in the edges.
  • Extra touch is to keep your abdomen covered and warm during this period too, during your moon cycle and postpartum.

–  xOx

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