Sobadora Pt. 1 with Marcia Lopez

The health of the Woman is the health of the Tribe for all Her fruit is blessed. 

Here’s a Snappie interview with Marcia Lopez, owner of Women’s True Healing, a holistic healing center for Female Reproductive Wellness in Redondo Beach, California. Of course it’s in California, e’erything holistic, veggie and wonderful exists in SoCal. I love me some California. #Humboldt. I degress.

I’ve been going to Marcia since the moment I knew we wanted to conceive. I knew I had some things (read “trauma”) to clear out of my womb to make a super loving comfy home for the baby-to-be, I knew he was coming. She lovingly worked on me pre-conception, prenatal and postpartum. I lost a lot of my connection to my body after birth, there were some ongoing health issues that surfaced after delivery and lasted for about 7+ weeks. That postpartum session was everything. She has a gift and Spirit moves through her. I’m grateful for my journey with her and I want to spread her work as far as I can to as many women as I can. I’ve sent a few sisters and they’ve also had some powerful sessions with her as well. Check out her website, call for a consultation, she’s even worth traveling for. If you see her, tell her I said gracias Marcia!

– xOx

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